Technology for Collaboration & Wellbeing

Art has the ability to nurture creativity and imagination, as well as to build meaningful relationships. Art heals and uplifts, providing solace, self-expression, and a pathway to improved mental well-being.

Evidence-based approach to art and wellbeing

Artelio aims to help participants improve mental health and wellness via creative expression and collaboration through its evidence-based approach to digital and physical art activities and workshops.

Collaborative Canvas beta

Every brushstroke is a live addition to the evolving masterpiece. Fostering teamwork and creative synergy.

Augmented Reality & AI alpha

Working with AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality to reshape the notions of art and art education.

The Living Palette

A fusion of physical and digital realms, where technology allows imagination to leap off the canvas.

Art Wellness Workshops

Employing artistic practices to promote mental and emotional well-being

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